This Mother’s Day, Tim Hortons is offering a massive amount of coffee to all moms for free — even dog moms. For one day only on May 12, caffeine fiends with two- or four-legged kids can head to Timmy Ho’s for the 52-ounce “mom-sized” iced coffee made sweet and creamy.

The new cup holds nearly an entire pot of coffee, making it the largest size currently offered by a major coffee chain in America. Starbucks’ biggest cup — the “Trenta” — is insanely huge, but at 31 ounces it pales in comparison to Tim Hortons’ newest limited-time offering.

Courtesy of Tim Hortons

There’s one inconvenient catch. Not all Tim Hortons will have the mom-sized iced coffee. It will be available at select locations in and around Buffalo, New York; Columbus and Toledo, Ohio; Detroit, Michigan; and New York, New York, only. Here are the addresses:

So basically, that leaves the majority of moms high and dry. Thankfully there are great coffee shops all over the country where you can get a decent-sized cup of joe. It may not be free, but you could always cut back on cost celebrating your procreator this year by taking her to one of the best chain restaurants with Mother’s Day deals.

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