Things I’m Loving April 2019 at the Ultimate Coffee Date

Happy first Friday of April! The months are flying by and the better the weather the quicker they seem to pass. So take a breather from your busy day and join me for this months Ultimate Coffee Date. I’m sharing some of the things I’m loving April 2019 and then I want you to tell me yours!
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If we were having coffee I would tell you…
One of my goals this month is to drink more water! I wrote a post on Easy Ways to Drinking More Water , now I intend on using those tricks and tips myself to make it less of a chore.
If we were having coffee I would tell you one of things I’m loving April 2019 is….
That you can Create your Custom Mix of Chocolates at!  You get to choose a box, and then select from 9 options up to 3 different types of chocolate. I am never happy with the premixed assortments I find in stores so this is a perfect way to customize a Ghirardelli gift for any occasion (or myself!)
If we were having coffee I would tell you another thing I’m loving April 2019 is….
Playing with different flavors of my Tortilla Cheesecake French Toast Bake both sweet and savory! I am really loving the savory version so be on the lookout for that recipe coming out this month.
If we were having coffee I would tell you….
I like the new Fitbit Inspires thin band. A lot of people, myself included, have a hard time with the bulky size of most fitness trackers due to tiny wrists. This new slimmer option is the answer and it still comes with all the features I want from the larger ones like a 5 day battery life, activity and sleep tracking, on-screen dashboard and so much more.
If we were having coffee I would tell you….
Maple Sesame Sweet Potato Fries have been on repeat all month. I’ve made them with sweet potato, Kabocha Squash, and butternut squash so far but I know this flavor combo will go great with Asparagus, brussels, and cauliflower as well. Those are up next.
If we were having coffee I would tell you….
I finally got to try Top Golf and it is AWESOME! I highly recommend.
Last but not least If we were having coffee I would tell you….
Making homemade ricotta is super easy, and of course the taste is way better than store bought! I paired it with Pea Guacamole to make these beautiful Spring crostini. They would be perfect to serve at Easter.
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Flashback Friday –
These 64 Calorie Oreo Cream Cheese Cookies are fun to make with pastel colors  for spring!
Your turn, tell me some of the things your loving lately!

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