The Minimalists’ Choice

In 2016, The Minimalists, alongside our friends Sarah and Joshua Weaver, opened a coffeehouse in St. Petersburg, Florida: Bandit. A year later, we began roasting our own coffee, and until recently, the only places you could get a cup of Bandit Coffee were inside the four walls of our shop or in a handful of coffeehouses that carry it.

But now you can have Bandit Coffee delivered directly to your front door! We just launched “The Minimalists’ Choice,” a rotating selection of our favorite seasonal coffees. You can find our current favorite at

The Minimalists’ Favorite Coffeehouses

No need to limit your coffee consumption to our beans, though. Here’s a list of our favorite independent coffeehouses in the United States and around the world (in alphabetical order).

United States

Where’s your favorite coffee spot? We’re always looking for the best coffee when we travel, so let us know about your local shops on Twitter.

*We’re biased.
**Outstanding food, too.
***Our favorite in the entire world.

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