It’s been 20 years since the world was blown away with the image of the White House being blown up by aliens and a lot has changed. Now the aliens are back, and they are bigger than before, but are they badder? And is Independence Day: Resurgence better than the original?

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When the aliens attacked in 1996, Independence Day became an international day of liberation after winning the war against the aliens. In the 20 years that followed, the human race has made massive strides with peace and technology. The Earth now has a huge defence system to protect from any further alien invasions. When the aliens fell, nobody knew that they had sent a distress call. It took 20 years but back up finally arrived to take over and destroy the planet. Worldwide devastation and mass extinction threaten the planet again as the human race faces off against a Queen and her horde.

Thoughts on the Movie

When the first movie came out, it was groundbreaking. This one is just as good but only because it really follows on from the original with the original cast. I remember watching the original and believing that it could be the end of the world because mankind was outgunned and could be wiped out. In the first movie, there was a sense of optimism when the aliens arrived and people took to the rooftops to welcome them before getting blown up. Talk about

Independence Day was an amazing movie back when it was released with cutting edge special effects. 20 years, Resurgence just misses the mark. In order to make the movie better (and I use that term loosely) for the sequel, they made a bigger alien ship and a bigger alien queen. Bigger does not mean better, and the bigger baddies just don’t work. Bringing back some of the original cast was brilliant and made the movie feel special.

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