Emperor Love is a premium tea brand from Taiwan since 1950 starting as a family owned and operated business. They pride themselves by using the finest tea to bring the quality brews and offers a fresh perspective of the modern tea.

Their set of instant teas come in 4 flavours – Matcha Latte, Black Tea Late, Black Beans & Roasted Rice Matcha Latte, and Soba Matcha Latte.

We were sent a few boxes to review to see how it stacks up with other instant lattes on the market.

Matcha Latté

Inside the package is full leaf grounded Matcha mixed with milk powder. For an instant matcha latte, it was ok. As you are only mixing 160ml of water into, some people may find it a touch sweet. You can always dilute it with more water to make it less sweet.

Black Tea Latté

They use their select Assam Black Tea mixed with milk powder. It also uses 160ml of water mixed into the powder to create the black tea latte with the classic black tea flavour. This was one of my favourites out of the 4 as it is more like a bubble tea.

Black Beans & Roasted Rice Matcha Latté

Inside the pouch is full leaf grounded Matcha, the crispy texture of roasted rice and the subtle flavours of black beans and rice. It was interesting flavour but it is still pretty close to the original matcha latte flavour.

Soba Matcha Latté

Yet again, you will find the full leaf grounded Matcha in this with pieces of soba floating on top.

Final Thoughts

These instant tea lattes from Emperor Love were ok, but of all the instant teas on the market, the taste is pretty mediocre. I haven’t found an instant mix that I liked just yet. You get the convenience but not the best flavours.

Where do I find Emperor Love?

They are currently sold in Metro Vancouver at the following locations – Summit Lodge, 88 Supermarket in Killarney, Chong Lee Market, Donalds Market in New Westminster and Port Coquitlam, and Efresh Market on WeChat.


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