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We Just Love Curved Glass Coffee Tables
Bent or curved glass coffee tables hearken back to days of artisans where glass blowing was a trade where workers paid meticulous attention to detail to ensure that their final product had their personal stamp on it.
Perhaps, this is a little too forward in my thinking, but that was the thought as I worked on this literary piece. The truth is that modern glass coffee tables with curves are beautiful. When shaped with curves and angles, it takes on art like quality featuring its delicateness combined with an interesting shape.
I do think a lot of thought needs to be given about your lifestyle and family needs before considering a purchase. Children may not do well around these pieces and there can be a risk by having them in the home.
Pets may also be an issue in terms of scratches to the surface. This could show more on darker colors. Don’t let these concerns sway you from how gorgeous these accents can be in a living room.
  A stunning curved glass coffee table
Above is a very nice model that has a shelf that is also a mirror.  Reflections are always nice allowing for light to go throughout the room and give it a more air and open appearance.
The shelf is great in that less frequently used items can be stored there.  You can see from the picture that it looks very organized event though there are several items stacked on top and inside.
The first thought that comes to mind is a magazine rack.  The shape on the right is perfect for storing periodicals and books.  It’s a clever design that creates a great wavy feel to the accent while providing storage.
Notice here that it is on the tile floor as many people would not consider that proper.  If you do have tile consider this or even having an accent rug underneath.
This clear model follows the traditional size and shape of a rectangle. There is some curvature on the ends, but for the most part, it follows that classic shape.  I recently was at a home with a very similar piece.
I accidentally spilled a drink as it can be misleading as to where the edge of the table is.  I thought for sure I was fine, but apparently, I was not seeing it correctly and it slid off the side.
This small footprint in the smoky glass is wonderful.  It’s hard to find furnishings this size so we wanted to share it.  The way it stacks offers lots of great places to put things away and not necessarily on the top.
This is a fun design that really showcases the edges.   It is a great curve that is subtle but contains a fresh modern quality to it.
This white infused model is gorgeous.  I like having the color inside the glass as it makes it easier to see the piece.  In this living room it goes great with the thick rug and storage shelving.
  A stunning black glass coffee table curved in the right places
The thought that comes to mind is simple and elegant. The focus here is the animal print rug and this furnishing does not draw the human eye away from that.
How very interesting that this contemporary coffee table uses a round chrome ball as a leg.  I like how it breaks up the room more introducing a new element and color to the center of the space.   This is a large format piece so make sure there is ample space for a piece this size.
The model above reminds me of the shape of an office desk.  If it were taller, imagine working there.  To me, the design influence is the angles.  Careful consideration was given to geometry and how those angles define the appearance.
I like that this idea has some free form appeal with one side hanging down.  Again we see frosted glass, but in this case, there is a white ceramic base that has a unique shape.
In a room where matching colors is important, this may be the suggestion for you.  The soft white blends very well with the carpet and flooring .  My guess is that careful consideration was given by the homeowner when this model was selected for purchase.
This model is very slim in nature and may in fact not appear too sturdy. Consider this when you are shopping and thinking about how your family and lifestyle may impact your buying decision.   The extra ledge does create a good nook for storage.

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